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We recommend you always keep at least one set of your latest back-ups.  How often you'll want to generate and download a Full cPanel Backup is ultimately up to you and would depend on how often your site data changes. A full cPanel back-up will back-up everything stored on your account (website files, email, stats..ect). To generate a full back-up follow the following steps:

1. Login to your cPanel

2. Click on Back-Up Wizard under File Management

3.  Click on back-up. 

4.  Click on the "Full Back-Up" option. 

5.  Enter your email address (optional) so you can be notified once your back-up is complete, as depending on the size of your cPanel account, the back-up process can take a few minutes. 

6. Once your back-up is complete, log back into your cPanel and navigate to your file manager. 

7. VERY IMPORTANT, download your back-up off of the server as back-up files are typically deleted from the server.  You'll find your back-up file in your home directory ending in .tar.gz like the file below. 

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