How do I create an Email Account in cPanel?  Print this Article

This article is intended for those that are looking for directions on how to set-up an email account in two steps within cPanel. 

Step 1: Login to your email account and navigate to "email accounts" located in the email section of your cPanel. 


How to Create an Email Account via cPanel (Step 1)


Step 2: Fill in the necessary fields for the web hosting account you are wanting to create. In the Email field, type the name of the email address you are looking to create. In the Password fields, type the desired password twice (make sure the password is strong. Input the diskspace quota for the mailbox (this is for how large you want the email box to be). Once you have confirmed all of your fields are filled out and correct, click Create Account and you are done!


Create an Email Account within cPanel (Step two)


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