Pre-Made Packages / With Wordpress Management

Quick and Easy Website Builds

WordPress Starter Build - Managed

1 Royalty free template

Up-to 5 pages

1 Photo Gallery (up-to 20 images)

1 contact form (up-to 5 fields)

Up-to 10 stock photos

Wordpress CMS

Initial Hardening of Wordpress

Service Details

Premium Web Hosting

Domain Name



Detailed Analytics via Get Clicky

Quarterly Plugin/Theme Updates

This solution is a pre-made template-based solution. With this option its important to keep in mind that because we are using a pre-made theme, we are going to be molding your content to fit the theme. Although we can still customize various areas of your website, this may or may not come at a cost. Otherwise, what is included in this build is the set-up of your template (removing irrelevant sections), insertion of your content, updating colors and adding your logo.

E-Commerce Starter Build (Woo Commerce) - Managed

- 1 Royalty free template design (pre-made) that will be used for the shopping cart (Woo Commerce).
- Initial implementation of no more than 10 products.
- Integration of Blog Area (would be good for future posts regarding recipes)
- 1 contact form (up-to 5 fields, name, phone, email..ect)
- Up-to 10 stock photos (royalty-free) that we will use across your website where needed, at our discretion.
- Premium Web Hosting
- Domain Name
- SSL (secure socket layer for privacy and security)
- Email
- Content Management System powered by WordPress (this will allow you to keep your website updated)
- Initial hardening (securing) of your WordPress installation + optimization.
- Extended Wordpress Customer Support (we will assist with any questions related to wordpress)
- Woo Commerce Set-Up and Initial Configuration
- Access to detailed traffic stats via GetClicky software.
- Quarterly Theme and Plugin maintenance (every 3 months we login to run any required updates and security checks to ensure your WordPress installation is still running smoothly).
With this option, initially we will present you with 3 pre-made template/options for you to choose from that will essentially serve as your website layout. Although some customization is still possible in this option, there would be additional costs involved in customizing a pre-existing theme. Otherwise aside from color and content updates, its “what you see is what you get”.
Its important to note that this set-up only includes the initial basic shopping cart functions supported by Woo Commerce. If additional functionality is needed, there will be an added cost.

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