Where is my New Web Hosting Account Information?  Skriv ut denna artikeln

This article is intended for those who have purchased web hosting from FernGullyGraphics and have not recieved thier web hosting account information.

A common question asked with new accounts is "where is my web hosting account information". If you have signed up for a new web hosting account and have yet to recieve your web hosting account information after 24 hours (with no contact from FernGullyGraphics). It is safe to assume that your account information has been accidentally filtered out into your junk/spam mail folder. This usually happens due to the IP addresses listed within the welcome email, along with the general contents of the email. 

If you have checked your junk/spam folder and still do not see your new web hosting account information, you can also retrieve this information by logging into your client area/portal and navigating to the "email history" of your portal. 

Email History option

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